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How can we help you?

By deciding to work with us, you are certain that you are delegate tasks properly. We will take care of your business, just say what you need, and we will do anything to provide you with this.

We specialize in three main areas:

Direct Search
Our best qualified IT consultants will reach out to the experienced engineers and will persuade them to work in your organization.
Executive Search
Our highly experienced consultants (IT Recruiters) will contact the best managers on the market and make them happy to work with your company.
End-to-end solutions
Our developers are working on projects for clients around the world. We create mobile and web apps, We are also providing larger, enterprise solutions.

we reward quality

Our consultants are rewarded for the high efficiency and quality of the tasks assigned to them. In business, we follow the Japanese principle of KAIZEN, striving to be the industry leader. We are constantly developing, investing in knowledge and rewarding unconventional and high performance. We provide professionals for various sectors, primarily for FinTech, Insurtech, but also medical, FMCG, media and for many others. We have closed over 100 recruitment projects for positions like: Java Developer, iOS Developer, Android Developer, UX/UI Designer, Front-end, Back-end, PHP Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, SCALA Developer, Head of QA.


Closed recruitment projects.


Hours of work of our specialists each month.


Developed IT projects.


Satisfied clients from all over the world.

IT Engineers Testimonials

We take care of every detail of the recruitment process. We value constructive criticism by drawing appropriate conclusions from each cooperation.
We analyze processes and actions to create a higher value for our clients and candidates.

Why us?

First and foremost, because we are technical. We develop mobile, web, mid-sized and large-scale enterprise projects for many clients around the world. Thanks to that, we are one step ahead of the competition, able to quickly and efficiently reach the appropriate specialists.
By working with us, you are certain that you give up some of your responsibilities to the right technical hands.

Our strengths:

Technical expertise
In addition to Talentica, we are 100% owned by the software house. Thanks to this, we provide candidates who fully meet design requirements, are experienced and ready to perform specific tasks.
Technical verification
The extensive experience of our team allows us to properly screen potential candidates for technical skills. Thanks to this, the client is confident that the new co-worker will positively influence his organization's development.
Warming industry image
All projects and candidates are treated individually. We do not send bulk messages and the candidate is in constant contact with us and is kept informed of the changes in the process.
Our own recommendation system
We have our own, authoritative recommendation system which allows us to increase the efficiency of individual recruitment by up to 60%. The system saves both our clients and candidates time.
10 days to deliver best candidates
We are working on 10 days sprints. We can guarantee to deliver appropriate candidates within 10 working days of the contract conclusion date. Thanks to this, our clients limit the time to acquire best engineers to the minimum.
Global power
Thanks to global reach and contact with different developers all over the world, we are able to deliver the right professionals to anywhere in the world. Our database has over 70,000 records and allows to reach the most niche technology specialists.


High efficiency, accuracy and continuing learning have resulted in and contributed to the confidence that our customers are giving us today.

Recruitment process

Each recruitment process is treated individually. Although every project in its essence meets similar goals and objectives, it requires our consultants to adopt an individual approach. Every technology is different, just like the expectations of our candidates and clients.

First stage is the market research of candidates with specific technology and the initial relationship with the candidates
Initial verification
CV verification, interviews
Extended verification
Final verification, specific tech tests and contract negotiations

Closing the employment process, taking care of the candidate, satisfaction survey, conclusions


Trusted by hundreds of specialists, we are their proud partner.

We are a well-trained and diligent team. Looking for new challenges?
Join Talentica!

Talentica is an opportunity for unlimited development. We help companies recruit the best and create global IT projects. Show us what you can do!

Why candidates are choosing us?

We have trusted by many IT professionals. We maintain constant contact with them, keep them informed about the process, treat them seriously and individually. Thanks to them we can exist.

We are technical

We employ coders to work in our Software House. We know what they need and what challenges they are looking for. As IT specialists we will find you a job that suits your specific skills and needs.

We are global

If you want to work in another country and you are ready to relocate then the portoflio of our clients and partners will be happy to help you. We work with clients from all over the world, mainly from the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and many other countries.

Support and constant contact

We keep in touch with our candidates even if we are not able to start working together. We inform you about each detail in the whole recruitment process. We give you a feedback. We respect your time.

Ambitious projects and trusted employers

We thoroughly verify every new company we work with. We select partners in detail to create the environment of the best projects for our candidates. Thanks to that we are confident of our projects.

IT Recruitment: Direct & Executive Search
WEB: Java, Angular2, Spring, HTML5, React.js, JS, PHP
Mobile: native iOS & Android, phoneGap
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Solr
Design: UX/UI mockups, flowcharts
Server Administration/Configuration

Technological specialization

In addition to recruiting technical specialists and IT managers, we are also providing all kinds of IT projects that we implement based on a fixed-price and time and material pricing model. We have our own development team, a few testers and project management crew. We operate mainly in web and mobile technologies, but we are not afraid of bigger enterprise-class solutions as well. Thanks to the experience of our project team, we are able to provide end-to-end solutions for various sectors.